Pixelink manufactures cameras for microscopy and machine vision applications. Our knowledge base provides information about the specification and the feature of these cameras. The information is broken down as follows:

  • The Camera Selector lists the various models and the basic specifications of each camera.  Use this as a starting point to find a particular camera.

  • Our particular product codes are explained in the Product Numbering section.

  • The Camera Information sections provide information relating to the mechanical and electrical features of the camera including triggers and general purpose outputs (GPOs), mechanical drawings and mounting information, interface features and power requirements. They also include information on compliance statements for FCC, CE and other regulations as well as environmental handling instructions.

  • The Programmable Features section describes all the features of the cameras that can be controlled through software. 

  • The Image Capture section discusses the various ways our cameras capture images and the associated read-out times.

  • The Image Processing section describes the various image processing techniques that are applied to the image data in real-time inside the camera.

More Information:

If you are just starting to learn about Pixelink cameras, please visit our web site https://pixelink.com. The site has a wealth of product information and software that you can review and download.  Try the following links as a starting point: